Monday, 15 September 2014

THAILAND // 2014

For those who read my previous blog post (extra points for you) will know that this summer I went Traveling! On the 1st of June I flew out to Thailand where I started a 5 week adventure of island hoping and of course viewing the amazing sights of Bangkok  To make sure that this isn't (another) super long post, I have decided to spilt my traveling experience into two blog posts to make sure I can show my images and give all the information that I feel is useful and important for any future travellers!

SO, I took off on the early hours of morning on a long 7 hour journey to Qatar followed by another 7 hour journey to Bangkok.

Airport Food mmmm

Qatar Airport

After arriving in Bangkok, we spent a short 2 days here briefly seeing the city and visiting the Wat Pho temple which was just stunning! Before we knew it, we were off on another plane heading to Koh Samui where we ended up booking lots of activities and spent plenty of time sunbathing on the gorgeous Chaweng beach.

Spending 4 days in Koh samui was perfect as we managed to fit in all our trips in and enjoy the nice weather by relaxing on the gorgeous white sandy beach.  One trip that I would really recommend to do whilst in Koh Samui is to vist the Angthong National Marine Park where you will be traveling by boat to view the amazing islands before climbing all the way to the top where you can view up to 40 stunning islands.

After hoping onto a very large boat and traveling through the rough indian ocean (take a sick bag), we arrived in Koh Tao! This beautiful island had a really cool laid back hippy vibe where you could spend your time completing a diving course!

After a week of drinking smoothies on the beach, snorkelling and exploring the island via bike, we decided it was time to hop onto another boat and head off to Koh Phangan for 3 days.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend going to Koh Phangan unless you're going to the Full Moon party as other than this the island really doesn't offer much else to do. However, prices on the island are incredibly cheap for food and shopping!

So, thats the first half of my trip all covered! Keep your eyes peeled for the second half of my trip!

Happy reading


Sunday, 14 September 2014


So...I guess you could say its been a while since I showed my face on TheGirlinPR? Yep. Its been a good few months since I was last blogging my little beauty and fashion related thoughts! Some of you may be wondering where suddenly disappeared to and some of you may just not be interested in hearing this at all.. BUT I do have my many reasons for taking a very long break from the internet and world of blogging so please go grab a coffee, put your feet up and of course go grab some choccy biscuits because its gonna be a long one!

During my early teenage years, I developed a strong interest within fashion and make up (like most teenage girls) which lead me to reading blogs and watching videos on YouTube. I remember spending my time back in 2010/11/12 watching the early videos of Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and the PersianBabe with the idea that I hope to one day go down a similar path. I guess you can say its the work of others that inspired me and gave me that push I really needed to start up my own blog.

When starting up this blog I wanted to inspire others, feel creative and natter away about something that I am extremely passionate about. However, with there being SO many other bloggers out there I ended up finding myself comparing my work to others making me feel that my blog wasn't as good or as professional looking with the fancy layouts and advertising. By feeling like this I had somehow managed to believe that I wasn't good enough to be involved in the blogging. I felt that I shouldn't be blogging on fashion and beauty because I wasn't pretty enough, I didn't have the best make-up, I didn't take arty farty Instagram shots, I didn't wear the coolest or most expensive clothes and that I simply just wasn't good enough.

After a few months of battling these emotions and feeling extremely uninspired, empty and unmotivated, I decided to go traveling and get back to old myself of socialising, feeling happy and wanting to inspire others around me. I am writing this post today because I feel that the readers of my blog are my friends in a way and I didn't want to write up some lame old excuse to why I have been hiding for the past few months.

To end my post I just wanted to say that I know my blog doesn't look like one of those cool high end fashion blogs but I am new to this and I'm learning new skills everyday to improve my blog! But to those reading this I hope that this has inspired you to get out of bed and do something that you LOVE despite what negative thoughts you hold and more importantly despite what others may say/think about you because it really does NOT matter.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


Dorothy Perkins has always been one of those stores that never really has caught my attention or interest on the high street. I feel that is because their market is more focused on the target audience of working/slightly older women due to their range of tailored pieces, price and simplicity. With spring coming on its way and the stores fighting for our attention, I was particularly interested to see what Dorothy Perkins would be offering to us ladies. It turns out that what I was able to see was surprisingly similar to  many of the Topshop and Zara pieces out on the market. What shocked me even more was the fact that I actually really love the images of their new spring 2014 collection!

My favourite piece from the collection!

As you can tell by the images above, it seems that Dorothy Perkins are taking a step out of their comfort zone to welcome their new collection to stores this Spring.  Whether or not this collection will appear to the older working generation, I believe it will sure attract those who are regular shoppers in Topshop, ASOS and Miss Selfridge. Im looking forward to seeing this collection make it's way to the stores and add some Youth and excitement that DP has been lacking recently.

What do you guys think?


Friday, 7 February 2014


There is nothing I love more that having that summer glow without having to hop onto a plane and sunbathe for hours on end.  It's safe to say I have pretty much tried every fake tan out there so I can  achieve that natural looking bronzed suntan.

After trying out a variety of tans with a range of price tags, I decided to give the Cocoa Brown Tan a try after seeing the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh post an image of herself using the tan on Instagram.
 To my amazement, this false tan is sold in Primark and has a retail price of just £7.99! Not something you would expect a Chelsea girl to purchase right?

The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour false tan is hands down one of the best false tans I have ever used (trust me I have used them all!). When applying the false tan I could not smell any biscuits or harsh odours making the tanning experience and my bedsheets very pleasant.  The Formula of the fake tan is a thick mousse making it appear like a brown hair mousse! The tan goes out perfectly and is so easy to blend in! I really can not praise this product any more- it does the job and results in a gorgeous brown glow. 

When wearing this tan, I received comments on whether I had been away or on a Sunbed due to how natural and sunkissed it appears. Cocoa Brown Tan dries within an hour and develops in just 3 hours making it a quick and easy product to use. No more stealing my dad's extra large T-shirts and shorts and sitting around for hours!

I recommend all Fake Tan lovers out there to jump on board and get that stunning sunkissed glow!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Having that bloated feeling is something we are all common with. Unfortunately, this uncomfortable bulge is a regular pain within my lifestyle. This is because I have what is known as IBS( Irritable Bowl Syndrome to be precise). This means I have a sensitive gut causing painful bloating and cramps on an everyday basis. Being a Female and constantly feeling & appearing bloated to the point where I even look pregnant- is extremely difficult and can even appear very unflattering in many styles of clothing.

Here at thegirlinPR, I hope to share my tips for those who experience the same symptoms and feel that all the information from doctors just isn't doing the job.

thegirlinPR-Tips for BEATING THE BLOAT:

- Cut down on your bread intake
-Reduce your intake of carbs
-Exercise- Even its only 10 minutes its really does help
-Avoid eating the same food's every single day
- Eat plenty of Fish and Veg
- Lots of fibre doesn't always help
- Cut down your sugar in take
- Try gluten free food
- Snack on nuts instead of sweets and crisps
-Avoid Fried food
- Cut down on fruit that has a high amount of sugar 

No, this is not another one of those lists telling you stop eating junk food its simply giving you tips on how to avoid bloating. Obviously I don't completely cut these foods out of my diet as I couldn't live without my chocolate, fizzy laces and Oreos, its all about cutting down on foods that can cause your discomfort and give you that pain free, flat (in my case almost flat) stomach. 

Not everyone's cases are the same and I am pretty sure Im no Doctor, but these are just a few tips that I personally believe to aid bloating and the painful cramps caused from IBS.

Happy Eating


Image NOT taken by myself.

Last week I was lucky enough to have a one on one interview with the Founder of Fashion ComPassion. Although the interview was regarding an Internship, I was able to find out exciting new information on this fantastic brand.

Fashion ComPassion is an ethical fashion retailer meaning that they work with socially responsible brands.
"Fashion ComPassion takes great care in choosing the suppliers we work with, understanding the story behind each brand and cultivating a long-lasting relationship with them.We work with our brands to ensure the artisans are continually skilled and trained, thereby securing  a sustainable source of income for them. By buying our products you contribute directly to their socio-economic mobility and the future of their communities"

Not only do Fashion ComPassion work with ethical brands, they also kindly donate part of their sales to charities supporting women in various communities around the world to promote education, employment and self-sustainability.  

With these morals becoming an extremely rare quality within companies and corporations, its fair to say that Fashion ComPassion are a unique and thriving new business in the retail market. During my interview I was able to hear about the new and exciting changes on the way for the company and to be honest I cant wait to see how it develops!

For more information on Fashion Compassion:

Sunday, 2 February 2014


OTTD for my Intern Interview
-Zara Dress
-Zara Jacket
-Monsoon Fedora
-New Look Boots
-Prada Handbag

This week I was lucky enough to receive an interview in High Street Kensington for the role as a Social Media intern. Being a first year university student normally means late nights, hangovers and a whole lot of drinking.. right? Of course the social side of university is a key factor but getting yourself experience and great results is equally just important.  To really get myself out there within the job market, I decided to take some time out to build a strong CV and cover letter on why I would be a suitable for an internship within the PR industry.  After sending out many emails ( I mean hundreds) I was relived and shocked to find a number of replies in my inbox.   
With my interview dates set, I began to prepare with some of my very own handy tips.

ThegirlinPR Interview tips:

-Always arrive 15 minutes early to display your punctuality
- Dress to Impress -Smart, professional and chic of course
-Make sure you have prepared questions to appear interested in the company
-Research into the company
-Understand the role you  have applied for and note down what is expected of you
-Speak in a polite and professional manner
-Be confident
 Smile, Relax and end on a positive note!

My best advice is - Start now! It's never too early to get some experience because the more experience featured on your CV the better!